About Us

Founded in 2013 by Marc Ackland, I Get Maths now provides maths tuition for hundreds of children of all abilities in Buckinghamshire, through independent and school-based classes.

Our small interactive classes enable children to connect the big ideas and concepts in maths by understanding how and why mathematical methods and strategies work. We teach children how to think and reason mathematically, using engaging and challenging problems and investigations to relate maths to their world. We are passionate about developing children’s confidence, curiousity and resilience so they thrive on new learning and learn and bounce back from their mistakes.

I Get Maths is built on strong relationships between pupils, parents and tutors. Our programme has already enabled hundreds of children to get ahead and stay ahead.

Marc has been headteacher of two highly successful schools. He writes and delivers training courses for teachers, headteachers and governors on teaching and learning and mathematics education.

Marc honoured in pedagogical mathematics at Reading University. He has taught primary school mathematics for 20 years and, as a Leading Mathematics Teacher, worked with schools, teachers and local authorities to improve mathematics teaching and learning.

Matt has been headteacher of an outstanding junior school having taught in primary and middle schools for over 10 years. He writes and delivers training courses for teachers, headteachers and governors.

Matt provides I Get Maths programmes for numerous Buckinghamshire schools and, alongside Marc, has developed and delivered the I Get Writing programme.

What people say?

J learnt how to apply methods to different situations so her confidence increased greatly. Her SAT result exceeded all expectations. J now feels very well prepared and ready for secondary school maths because she understands how methods work and can use them to solve tricky problems. Thank you Mr. Ackland.
Mrs. L (Mother to Year 6 child)
C learnt to investigate and look deeper: beyond the answers. He loved the challenge of the classes, particularly the longer and more complex problems. Mr. Ackland’s teaching gave C an excellent grounding in maths that has enabled him to thrive in the top set at grammar.
Mr. C (Father to Y6 child)